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Why Your Dog Should Have Their Own Bed

Are you one of the millions of people around the world who encourages or enables their animals to sleep with them at night? This may not be the best idea. While the concept seems harmless enough, it is important to review all aspects of this decision before shoving over and letting Fido have your pillow.

First, consider sleep cycles. Sharing a bed can actually disturb a puppy's sleep cycle. An individual's tossing and turning throughout the night can disrupt an animal more than the sleeper realizes. On the flip side, if the furry bedmate is the one tossing and turning, the pet owner could be the one to suffer.

Studies show that anxiety issues may also become reinforced in a dog when they are allowed to sleep in their owner's bed. Dogs may become unable to sleep without being in the bed. This is not healthy for the dog or their owner and can strain the relationship and bond which exists between the owner and pet. Health concerns can also develop among owners who are mildly allergic to dogs and/or animal dander. However, allergies are extended to grass, dirt, dust and whatever else the dog may come into contact with throughout his or her day, bringing such contaminants into the bed easily. Since dogs go outside to go to the bathroom, there is also the chance that they will get bitten by a tick and bring that parasite into the house and bed.

It is also important to consider leadership in the relationship before allowing a dog into one's bed. The pack leader is supposed to make the decisions. When owners start letting their pets call the shots, including where to sleep, they cease to be seen as the dominant entity in the relationship. By allowing a pet their own bed, the dog knows their own space, finds comfort in that, will not bring contaminants into their owner's bed and they know their role in the 'pack'.

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