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Why Choose A Memory Foam Dog Bed?

In addition to providing comfort, memory foam dog beds can also address a number of animal health issues. Just like humans, it is important for canines to experience proper rest and sleep cycles. Obviously animals want a comfortable and reassuring place to sleep - why else do they snuggle up to you and your pillow late at night? However, providing consolation and relief does not have to come at the expense of your own proper night's sleep. When offering animals a comfortable sleeping area, a number of conditions are improved when it comes to the overall well-being of the pet with the implementation of a memory foam dog bed.

With the addition of a comfortable resting area the overall sleep pattern of a pet will improve. While no studies have yet been conducted regarding dogs and memory foam, a number of studies on human sleep conditions with the introduction of memory foam have been conducted. Tossing and turning has been known to decrease by up to ninety percent when individuals slept on memory foam as compared to sleeping on their alternate material mattresses. Since such dramatic results have been proven with humans, it is likely that dogs may react in a similar manner when it comes to the memory foam dog beds and the pooches that sleep on them.

While it may seem sufficient for memory foam dog beds to supply comfort and, potentially, more energy in the better rested tail-waggers, there are additional health benefits which come with sleeping on memory foam. Some of these health benefits may seem obvious, especially when it comes to senior dogs needing a more supportive place to rest, but the truth of the matter is that it's never too soon to start planning for tomorrow's health when it comes to one's pup. Certain canine health concerns don't start to manifest until doggy middle age. By then, pet owners are simply treating symptoms instead of proactively working to stave off potential problems and risks. For example, fifty percent of large breed dogs go on to develop hip dysplasia. Owners can wait until symptoms occur - or they can be hands-on when it comes to the future well-being of their pet by purchasing a memory foam dog bed.

As with humans, pressure points exist on the body of dogs. When puppies of all ages and sizes lay down there is increased pressure on certain areas of the body. However, since with a memory foam dog bed the canine's bones do not come into contact with a hard and unyielding surface, the possible pressure points are offered a release. With fewer constrictions on the body, blood flow is also improved.

Lastly, it is important for pet owners to consider costs as a factor when it comes to choosing a dog bed. Especially for those who have large furry best friends, it can become a hassle to purchase a dog bed, just to have it flattened beyond recognition within a few uses. Memory foam dog beds may cost a little more up front, but they are considerably more durable and reliable in the long run. Also consider the fact that once the dog bed with cheaper and less supportive material is flattened, the dog is basically sleeping on the floor - and pressure points and poor blood circulation come back into play! Memory foam dog beds help to improve blood circulation and keep joints healthy and functional when compared to sleeping on a less supportive material.

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